There are plenty of bands doing the pub circuit but many of them aren't cut out to be your entertainment for an important event. You expect a level of professionalism and the talent to leave an impression on you and your guests. We feel that ANTHEM has what it takes to make your function memorable. We will always give you top communications, we will always be punctual and as flexible as you want us to be. We are equipped with only the best sound equipment and we will bring all the lights required to add atmosphere to your event.

What kind of details do we need to take into account when booking a band like ANTHEM?


Since we are all experienced professionals, you can always expect a prompt, friendly service in every respect. Excellent communications, quick set up and take down times and versatility are standard practice. We expect only a safe and clean environment where we can set up and perform. quality power access is a must and wherever possible, a stage or restricted area is appreciated. We are a band of four and thus we will inevitably take up a reasonable amount of floor area but you'll be surprised how we can squeeze in some smaller venues. refreshments for the band are always welcomed of course!

Who do ANTHEM cater for?


ANTHEM can provide entertainment for public houses, clubs, corporate events, festivals and weddings. Since we are all musicians first and foremost and our motivation is always to have a great time, please remember that we are a rock band through and through so if you want us to play your wedding, we may not have the capacity to play Sugababes, ABBA or Justin Timberlake. This is not because we can't, we just don't want to! We have found that our rock oriented approach still works a treat so don't fret.

Does ANTHEM have the experience to play our wedding?


We have played every kind of gig imaginable. Festivals, weddings, anniversaries, parties and corporate events. Some of us have played holiday camps, cabaret and toured resorts internationally.

We fancy a rock band for our wedding, but I'm not sure all our guests will be so keen?


We have found that there is enough variety in our sets for all ages and tastes. Many of the songs are multi-generational and not once have we received any negative feedback. We never fail to get people on their feet.

How much will it cost to book ANTHEM?


We believe that you cannot beat anthem for value for money and we consistently charge less than the national average for weddings and functions. because we are a four piece that sounds like a stadium act, you'll be getting a stunning deal.

Actual price will vary depending on venue location and event.

Contact us for a quote.